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Nintendo NX: What Could Be the “Big” Idea?

The Nintendo NX is still a game console that’s been enveloped by a shroud of mystery. To this day, Nintendo is completely silent when it comes to the real specifications of their upcoming game console.

In a recent interview, this shroud of mystery is further predicated by Shigeru Miyamoto, a prominent Nintendo game developer.

He said that the company is quiet about the details for fear that their competition might copy their innovative idea.

His recent interview spawned much more questions than answers. And since people love to speculate, they have their guesses on what the “big idea” really is.

So in this article, I will talk about the possible “big ideas” that Nintendo is so adamant in guarding with their life.

1. Portable Game Console? Nintendo, although quiet about the specifics, did say that the new Nintendo NX will make use of a “portable component”. As to what that portable component is, we really do not know. But, some people speculate that the Nintendo NX is a portable game console. If it is not a portable game console, it is probably a full-fledged game console like the Nintendo Wii U but it needs some kind of portable game console (as its heart) to operate.

2. Virtual Reality? In a recent shareholders meeting, Nintendo reps admitted that they are “researching” about Virtual Reality gaming. This is in contrast to what Nintendo America president, Fils-Amie, said. Virtual Reality is slowly becoming mainstream, with Nintendo’s rivals, Sony and Microsoft, slowly incorporating the technology into their game consoles in the near future. So, to stay relevant, Nintendo might be adding a virtual reality feature with the Nintendo NX. If that is true, then they are not the first ones to introduce the feature to game consoles as Sony will have already released their VR headset beforehand. Still, if it is Virtual Reality gaming, then they will probably have it streamlined.

3. New Input Systems. The Nintendo Wii was the pioneer when it comes to motion-sensor use in gaming. Nintendo wanted to copy the idea in their Nintendo Wii U but it just didn’t allure the fans as it is just another “motion-sensor control game console”. They might revisit new input systems and they might be using them on the Nintendo NX.

4. Nintendo’s Biggest Game Console to Date? The Nintendo NX, according to Nintendo’s current president, Tatsumi Kimishima, is a “revolutionary” game console. As to what he means by that, we do not know until they release the specifics. But, one thing would not be called revolutionary if it doesn’t have revolutionary specs, right? This could mean that the NX is Nintendo’s “Project Scorpio”. This could also mean that the game console is so powerful that it blows all of Sony and Microsoft’s offerings out of the water.

These are all just speculations. Some of the might be true; some of them might not. But, these are all the plausible scenarios as to what the Nintendo NX really is.

Computex is just around the corner and maybe Nintendo will finally reveal what the Nintendo NX really is.

5 Bodybuilding Tips from the Great Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger is considered to be one of the best and most respected bodybuilders of all time.

During his prime, his physique is unmatched and he consistently wins in the Mr. Olympia, a competition for the bodybuilding industry that is akin to the Ms. Universe.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is respected not just because of his physique but because of his character. When someone asks him how he does things, he never hesitates to share his secrets.

Today, I am going to talk about the 5 bodybuilding tips that the great Arnold Schwarzenegger has imparted.

If you’re just starting out or you’re already a seasoned bodybuilder, these tips will surely help you:

  1. Learn to Trust Yourself. When you’re trying to get better at something, whether you’re losing weight or gaining muscles, a lot of people will surely drag you down and downright doubt you. But, Arnold says to trust in yourself. Have a vision in mind and do all the things necessary to achieve it. In this case, if you want to become a bodybuilder or you want to have a better physique, envision that one and trust yourself that you’re going to make it.
  2. Learn to break Some Rules. Rules are set by mankind. Although there are rules or commandments set by our Lord, most of the rules are just manmade rules. Earlier in his career, Arnold was doubted by many in that he can never go beyond his bodybuilding and acting career. But, he broke those rules as he won a lot of Mr. Olympia titles and he is revered as one of the best action stars in Hollywood. Remember, rules are rules. But, you become powerful when you know when to break them.
  3. Embrace Failure. When does failure usually happen? It happens when you take risks. And, if you want to be successful in life, you must learn how to embrace failure. Arnold never achieved his status by not failing; he consistently failed at things and he made it as fuel to become better in what he does.
  4. Ignore the Naysayers. This is probably one of the most prevalent things that occur in the world. Whatever you do, there are always going to be naysayers that say to you that you cannot do this or do that. But, Arnold learned to block out the naysayers and he proved them wrong. If someone ever doubts you or someone belittles your capabilities, just ignore them and push forward!
  5. Work Hard. When I train at the gym, I always see people doing shortcuts. They think that they can achieve their dream bodies by going the easy route. But, that is not the case. Whatever you do in life, always work hard to attain it. A lot of people always have the excuse of “oh, I do not have the time to workout”, but Arnold says that’s full of crap. You see, there are 24 hours in a day; sleep 6 hours and you have 18. Work for 8 hours and you have 10 hours left. Workout at least an hour a day and you have 9 hours to spend. Seriously, there is no real excuse. Work hard, attain your goals, and I assure you, you will be happier.

I always admire Arnold’s work ethic and his principles. Not only does it apply in bodybuilding but it can also be applied in other areas in life.

Periscope App for Android

The Google Play Store is now saturated with a lot of apps intended for different purposes. There are games, there are apps for social media, and apps for media content.

Twitter and Youtube are two of the most popular apps on the Google Play Store. If they had a love child, then it would probably be the Periscope App for Android.

The Periscope App for Android mobile phones is sort of a collaboration of both of the platforms. Basically, you create a profile and you can post your own video content on it. Your videos, should you want to share it, will then be broadcasted to your followers.

You not only have the ability to upload videos, but you can also stream content as well. Live streaming has become a trend in the past two years, with a lot of people streaming content to their followers. The Periscope App for Android mobile phones is a great way to use your phones for that purpose.

You see, most mobile phones now sport a really good front camera. You can broadcast pretty much any content you like. Maybe you’re an adventurer and you want to showcase the beautiful landscape you’re currently in.

Now, there will be times that people are not available to see your live-stream. That is okay as you can enable the feature to save your live-stream for later viewing. This is an absolute blessing for people who want to know more about your story, but they were unable to see your live-streaming session.

Suppose you only want to broadcast to a select number of people, then you can enable the private option. By enabling this option, you will then choose the people who are allowed to see the stream. This is perfect for work and for home use as you can use it to present them what you want to convey.

As previously mentioned, the Periscope App for Android is much like Twitter and Youtube fused into one app. If you want your Twitter followers to know that your stream is on, you can tap the Twitter icon on the app so that it will post a link to your live stream. They can then watch your stream either on the web browser or on their Twitter or Periscope app.

The Periscope App for Android mobile phones is also not limited to you, live-streaming content over the internet. You can also choose to follow people and you too have the ability to look at their live streams. You can manage notifications from people you’ve followed and you can filter specific people if you want to get notifications only for a select few.

Finally, if you appreciate the live-stream content of a Periscope user, you can choose to send them a heart which is a visual way of saying that you like their content. This will also build real-life relationships in the process.

The Periscope App for Android is a great app if you want to live-stream content and you want to share them with the world. Since this uses mobile phone data, make sure you get a mobile phone signal booster for an uninterrupted streaming service.

The Periscope App for Android is free to download and is available in the Google Play Store.

BlackBerry Passport

The mobile phone company BlackBerry used to be a giant in the mobile phone industry, but has since declined due to their new phone offerings.

They want to redeem themselves and they want to be in the popularity column again. Thus, they’ve created the new BlackBerry Passport. Is this mobile phone enough to make BlackBerry famous again? Let’s find out.

If there is an aspect of the phone that is the talk of the town, it is its design. The mobile phone, to put it bluntly, just looks like a square. That’s right, the mobile phone looks like a square which is quite odd considering its other mobile phone competitors.

But, according to BlackBerry, this mobile phone is suited for businessmen. Why? It is because of the design and how the BlackBerry functions. You see, the BlackBerry Passport has a 4.5-inch screen and a physical keyboard. BlackBerry basically blew every other common phone ergonomics out of the water.

The BlackBerry Passport should be mainly used for checking spreadsheets, reading office documents and ebook reading, and full-scale websites. The screen also sports a square resolution of 1440×1400 and it is protected by the Corning Gorilla Glass 3.

The physical keyboard also only has all letters and a backspace. All of the numbers and punctuation marks are presented on screen, in which, you have to touch it before it registers. This combo of a physical keyboard and a touchscreen interface is one of the main selling points of this mobile phone.

The edges of the BlackBerry Passport are covered in Stainless steel and the back cover is made out of soft rubberized plastic. It is very pleasing to the touch and there are no gripping issues whatsoever.

At the right side of the BlackBerry Passport lies the volume rocker and media control. You can adjust the volume of the phone as well as play or pause music and video files with a dedicated media button, which is a nice plus.

The power button is situated on the top of the phone and it is also accompanied by the 3.5mm headphone jack.

The BlackBerry Passport has a thickness of only 9.3mm but it does have a considerable amount of weight. This mobile phone weighs in at 194g. As for the looks, the BlackBerry Passport is a really sexy phone with a black overall color scheme and a silver accent all throughout the phone.

The performance of the BlackBerry Passport is also quite good. It is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 Quad-core processor clocked at 2.2GHz and it also comes with a huge 3GB of system RAM.

There is also a microSD slot that can support up to 64GB storage capacities and the phone also comes with a hefty 3,450 MaH battery, which should last you a pretty long while before reaching for the charger.

As for the camera, the BlackBerry Passport has a 13-megapixel rear camera and a 2-megapixel front camera. It is quite good and it has an LED flash and the phone also comes with an optical image stabilization technology for better photo quality.

So, is the BlackBerry Passport worth it and does it make the company relevant in the mobile phone niche again? I would say, yes, they’ve done it again, this time with a unique phone.

With its stylish looks and impressive performance, the BlackBerry Passport is a pretty nice phone. This phone costs $550.

TRENDnet TEW-818DRU AC1900 Wireless Router

MMORPGs, MOBA, and FPS games have been trending for the past couple of years because of its multiplayer play. Just imagine the world as your arena. People from different parts of the globe participate in a game, which makes it really dynamic and fun!

Now, that is a good concept and all, but without a dedicated gaming router, you will suffer from what players would call, “LAG”. Latency or popularly known as lag is a major problem for people who play online games. It is quite frustrating to play an online game, only to have your movements registered with much delay. This can spell doom if you’re playing in a competitive game.

So, how do you remedy this? I’ve mentioned before that you need to have a dedicated gaming router. Today, we’re going to take a look at one promising gaming router: the TRENDnet TEW-818DRU AC1900 Wireless Router.

The TRENDnet TEW-818DRU AC1900 Wireless Router is a gaming router that has a lot of cool features without tearing your wallet up because of high prices. It has a full-feature packed list of goodies that gamers would love. Here are its features:

  • AC1900: 1300 Mbps Wireless AC + 600 Mbps Wireless N bands
  • High speed USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 share ports
  • Pre-encrypted for your security
  • Create an isolated guest network
  • One touch network connection with the WPS button
  • All Gigabit wired ports
  • High power amplifiers extend wireless coverage
  • Compatible with DD-WRT open source firmware
  • 802.11ac provides uninterrupted HD video streaming in a busy connected home
  • Targeted Beamforming increases real-time performance by directing stronger wireless to your specific location
  • Get up and running in minutes with the intuitive guided setup
  • Parental Controls limit access to specific websites

The TEW-818DRU is a Dual-Band Wireless gaming router that has (1) USB 3.0 port and (1) USB 2.0 port. Furthermore, the gaming router uses the new wireless standard, 802.11ac, that is capable of broadcasting GBps internet speeds!

The TEW-818DRU doesn’t come with any external antennas, which may hamper signal broadcasting. Still, the gaming router is sports a minimalist design, and should be placed sideways as opposed to other conventional gaming routers.

Of course, since this is a gaming router, how does the TRENDnet TEW-818DRU with online gamers? Let’s take a look at some of the reviews:

Alex: “My internet service is finally achieving the speed I’ve been paying for.. I bought this to replace a Linksys E2500 and the big surprise didn’t with come from faster AC wireless wifi speed. But rather with the speed increase on my ethernet connected devices, previously I averaged 90 Mbps and now I average 123 Mbps. I’ve never experienced any lag whatsoever when using this router.”

Theo: “Excellent router! This device sends out a strong wireless signal. I was very surprised because it does not have any outside antennas. However, the device has much stronger Wi-Fi signal then my previous ASUS. The dual band is excellent and the set up is straightforward. It comes with pre-configured wi-Fi and passwords. But they are simple to customize and change. I did have to look at some of the instructions to do some of the customization but that is to be expected because all manufacturers have different ways of configuring the set up area. I would highly recommend this router for people looking for a stronger Wi-Fi signal router for their house.”

If you’re looking for one solid gaming router that doesn’t break the bank, definitely choose the TRENDnet TEW-818DRU AC1900 Wireless Gaming router. The TEW-818DRU retails at $105.